3 Warning Signs Your Industrial Motor's Hydraulic Cylinder Is Losing Fluid

If the motor in your factory's equipment has started to malfunction, you may wonder how to figure out what is causing the issue. If so, look for the following three warning signs that your industrial motor's hydraulic cylinder is losing fluid.

Piston Jerks While Moving

The first thing you should observe in the motor is how the piston moves in and out of the hydraulic cylinder. Normally, the piston should move back and forth in a steady, smooth rhythm with no interruption in the flow.

However, if the fluid inside the cylinder is low, the internal chamber is not properly lubricated. This lack of lubrication will make the piston rub against the sides, causing a jerking motion as it tries to enter and exit. When you see the piston struggling to move, this means that the hydraulic fluid inside the cylinder is low.

Screeching Noise Coming from the Cylinder

Along with the jerking movements of the piston, another warning sign that you do not have enough fluid inside the hydraulic cylinder is a loud screeching noise while the motor is in operation. This sound is caused by the bare metal of the piston's head rubbing against the cylinder's chamber.

If the motor is allowed to run without fixing the hydraulic fluid issue, the increase in friction that makes the noise will eventually burn out the cylinder. Once the cylinder is burned out, the entire mechanism will need to be replaced.

Presence of Hydraulic Fluid On and Around the Seal

If you hear the screeching noise and observe the uneven movements of the pistons, turn off the motor so you can check for the presence of hydraulic fluid on and around the seal. If you find fluid, this means that the seal has either become loose or has started to break down.

Wipe the fluid off the seal, then look for cracks or chips in the seal. Also, inspect the outer edges of the seal to see if the rubber has started to curl away from the metal. If you find either one of these signs, you will need to either repair or replace the seal.

If you find one or more of the above warning signs, you may want to try repairing the seal to keep the cylinder from losing fluid. You may want to contact your industrial supplier to see about obtaining hydraulic cylinder repair seals that fit the specific motor in your factory's equipment.

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