Maximum Efficiency While Maintaining Standards - Advantages Of Working With A Parboiled Rice Supplier

The restaurant and hospitality industry is a cutthroat business that requires you to constantly be on your game and adjusting to the changing demands of the market. Your customers have requirements for high quality food that arrives as quickly as possible, so difficult products like rice can pose a serious challenge from a handling and preparation perspective.

Thankfully, what was once a market inefficiency may now present an opportunity for you to jumpstart your kitchen operations. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of working with a parboiled rice supplier. Keeping these positives in mind should be enough to allow you to change your supply chain with confidence and reexamine the way your food is prepared.

Local Products

When you purchase raw rice from a bulk supplier, it may be from any one of a number of potential sources. This can result in you receiving product that's past its date of prime usage, but it may be difficult to tell with a dry good.

Parboiled rice is more likely to be grown and processed at a closer location. Since the parboiling process makes your rice less able to last in bulk containers for indeterminate amounts of timing during shipping, local suppliers are given preference, and you can have access to a fresher and superior product.

Faster Cook Times

Cooking rice in a commercial kitchen is a delicate balance. It takes time to be done correctly, but too much time can create frustrations with customers. If you make too much ahead of time, it's likely to become starchy and tough despite your best efforts to keep it loose.

Since parboiled rice has already been processed to the point of being close to softening, you can prepare it much more quickly and minimize the hold time. You might even be able to prepare rice to order, which is a huge advantage that can help separate your kitchen from your competitors.

Guaranteed Cleanliness

Contaminated food is perhaps the biggest enemy of any commercial kitchen. If you find contamination, it might shut you down for a whole day of service. Any customers who get sick can be a huge source of potential liability, and it's important that you fight to minimize those risks. Parboiled rice, by virtue of having already been processed once, its extremely unlikely to be a host for any contaminants. Knowing that you're receiving clean food can give you tremendous peace of mind and can help guarantee you stay functional for years to come.

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