3 Signs Your Country Home's Septic Tank Is Severely Damaged

When your septic system is working properly, you more than likely forget that it is even there. However, if the tank becomes severely damaged, you are more aware of it than ever. Below are three signs that your country home's septic tank is horribly malfunctioning and should be replaced.

Black Foul-Smelling Sewage Backs up into Your Drains

You may have come across a situation where you had some brownish sewage back up into your drains. This sewage backup usually means that your tank has become full, so you probably called your septic service to have it pumped out. Afterward, your drains returned to normal.

However, when the tank has collapsed or has large holes in the sides, the sewage is not able to decompose properly. The waste material turns black and starts exuding a horrendous odor.

Once the tank reaches its maximum capacity, this black, foul-smelling sludge starts oozing up from your drains. This sign by itself is enough to warrant an emergency call to your service. However, the situation may be worse than you think.

Leech Field Floods Even after Pumping

Above your septic tank is the leech field. The simple design of this field helps catch small amounts of sewage water that may leak out of an overflowing septic tank. When it stays wet, it signals a need to have your tank pumped out.

However, if you find a pool of water in your yard after pumping, this means the tank is damaged. While the black sludge discussed in the previous section is forming in your damaged septic tank, the wastewater starts flowing into the ground around it.

Eventually, it makes it way up to the leech field, The amount of water seeping into the soil cannot be contained by the leech field, which starts to flood. Not only do you end up with a disgusting pool of water in your yard, there could be an even worse problem associated with this seepage.

Well Water Becomes Contaminated

Since you live in the country, you may depend on a well to supply your home's drinking water. The well collects water from the rain and soil and is filtered through your pump.

However, if you have sewage seeping into your soil, it will eventually end up in your well. Your family's drinking water becomes contaminated, exposing you to deadly bacteria.

If you notice that your water has taken on a foul odor or has turned dark, these signs mean your water is contaminated. This situation constitutes an emergency, so you should call your septic service immediately.

When your septic system starts exhibiting the above signs, the tank may be beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Especially if your drinking water has become contaminated, contact a septic service immediately to schedule an inspection and discuss your options for having a new septic tank installed. Visit a site like http://www.southernsanitarysystems.com for more information.

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