Three Ways To Use Industrial Equipment To Decorate Your Apartment

When you want to decorate your home in a unique way, it can be hard to do if you are not willing to think outside of the box. Go out of your comfort zone and consider turning pieces of industrial equipment into furniture that you can use in your home. The following guide is chocked full of great ideas to use to give your home a unique look without having to spend a fortune on furniture.

Turn a Rolling Cart into a Moveable Bar

There are great industrial rolling carts that are made from metal that can be used as a bar, if you are willing to convert them. Add a butcher block to the top of the cart to create a place where you can cut fruit and mix drinks. Add small tracks under the top for storing wine and martini glasses neatly and securely. In the bottom of the cart, you can add a large metal tub that you can fill with ice to keep beers and mixers cool at all times.

Add Rolling Casters to Large Wooden Bins

Large wooden bins are great to use to store items neatly out of the way. Adding rolling casters to the bottom of the bins allows you to move them around as needed. When choosing the casters that you want to use, be sure to consider the size and weight load the casters are designed to be able to hold. If you are storing lightweight items, such as blankets in the bins, small casters should work fine. If you are storing workout equipment or heavy books in the bin, you may want to opt for more heavy-duty casters.

Use Utility Carts for an Outdoor Garden

When you live in an apartment, you typically do not have a lot of outdoor space available to you. If you have a small balcony off the side of your apartment, you can create a small garden in a utility cart to allow you to grow your own vegetables or herbs. Utility carts are often very durable and have separate compartments in them that you can use to keep your plants separated. You can move the cat in and out of the sunlight as needed with ease thanks to the rolling wheels on the bottom of the cart.

Being able to make your apartment truly unique does not have to be overly difficult to do. Purchasing used industrial equipment, such as from Garland's, Inc., and using it in nontraditional ways can be a great way to get the apartment of your dreams without spending a fortune.

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