Monitoring The Boiler In An Industrial Facility

Any industrial facility is stocked with a lot of equipment and machines that need to be kept running. It's challenging to track maintenance schedules for everything, and sometimes the appliances which keep the building itself functioning, such as the boiler, aren't always your focus. However, a quick look and periodic monitoring of the following boiler-related items is important.

Vent Pipe

An easy way to notice a problem with the industrial boiler is by looking at its vent pipe. The pipe shouldn't look remarkable in any way, but if parts of it seem to appear white, that could indicate residue from condensation happening in the boiler system. There may not yet be signs of corrosion on boiler pipes, but condensation makes it a possibility. The problem may be with the vent itself or other components; either way, a professional ought to check it out.

Water Levels

A passing glance at water levels throughout the day can be more important than you know. In fact, you might want to write down levels each day. That's because an important boiler concern is ensuring that water is always readily available to boil. If you see over time that levels have dropped, a leak could be somewhere in the system and must get fixed. Lack of water is very dangerous for a boiler and can damage it to the point where a new one is imperative, so anytime you notice that the levels aren't adequate that deserves your full attention. If a leak is severe, you may need to rent a boiler in the meantime.

Soot on Ducts

Another simple indicator to check for regarding the industrial boiler is soot. Soot can sometimes collect on outside ducts if airflow is inadequate. This can soon escalate to air quality issues indoors, so the sight of soot should not be ignored for long. You might rent a boiler to preserve air quality inside the facility until yours is repaired

Duct Condensation

The exterior ducts don't just provide information about soot and airflow. Like the vent pipe, the ducts can show proof of condensation. Condensation on those ducts usually means some kind of heating problem is evident, so that could require a professional's eye.


Filters are traditionally overlooked. However, gunk and mineral and sediment buildup can have serious effects. The filters can be obstructed, working the industrial boiler harder. The filters can then become torn, allowing debris into the boiler's components, which is also terrible. If you don't have someone monitoring and cleaning the filters, you should.

With everyone's attention, industrial boiler trouble is averted. If problems exist, rental boilers can continue the work in your facility until a professional can fully rectify the situation.

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