Tips For Completing Your Rental Home Upgrade

A few tenants have come and gone, and you realize it's time to upgrade your rental property so that it continues to feel fresh and attractive. Here are some tips on completing this job without losing too many months of tenancy. 

Consider Fixture Upgrades with High Impact

Certain fixtures are going to immediately give your rental home a better vibe. For instance, replace old fluorescent fixtures with lighting sources that have a more natural glow. Choose fixtures that are simple but attractive—ones that won't go out of date too quickly. Other things to upgrade include door handles and cabinet handles. It's these small touches that can modernize an apartment or home for very little money. 

Look at Appliance Condition

Do a test run of all appliances to ensure they are working as expected. Bad appliances anger tenants, and they might even cause a flood, fire, or other damage to your property.

Give it a Scrub Down and Touch Up

After a few tenants, the home may not have the same sparkle that it did when you bought it. You can get it back to that place. Have a professional cleaning team go in and scrub down walls and floors. Get a contractor to touch up the paint, the floor varnish, and any other fixtures or surfaces that could use a bit of a polish. You might put a coat of paint on cabinets to hide scuffs, or repaint a room that has seen a lot of wear and tear. 

Consider the Condition of Furnished Spaces

Does your rental include furniture? If there are pieces that have wobbly legs, rips, or big and obvious deformities, those are easy things to replace that may net you a higher rental amount. Just toss them in the recycle pile (or donate them) and bring in some fresh furniture. 

Consider How to Transport Junk

If you're pulling out fixtures, tearing down walls, or simply moving out old furniture, you're going to need to look at dumpster rentals. This is the most simple way to transport junk from one place to another. Ideally, you will choose a dumpster that can hold all of the junk from the renovation project and then have it hauled away at the end. Note that you will likely need a permit from the city if you need to store the roll-off container in a parking space or other public land area. 


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