Purchasing Thread Plug Gauges For The First Time? 3 Different Types And Their Uses

If you are purchasing thread plug gauges for the first time you may be confused at what is available on the market. It is important that you understand about the thread plug gauges to be sure you purchase the right ones for your company. To help you, below is some information about what these gauges are and three different types available on the market.

Thread Plug Gauges 

The main reason industries use thread plug gauges is to check screws to ensure the tolerance is correct. There are different types of thread plug gauges, depending on the product you are working with. The industry goes by specifications for the product they are working with, which they find in the product's documentation. This is important, as if the right thread plug gauge is not used, it can damage the gauge and you will not get the right results.

One end of the thread plug gauge is known as the GO end. The other end of the plug gauge is known as the NO GO end. The screw on the GO end screws completely in the hole until it is at the end. With NO GO the screw does not screw completely into the hole.

Types of Thread Plug Gauges

There are three main types of thread plug gauges including:


If the product you are working with uses large screws, the trilock design thread plug gauge would work well for you. This is because this type is available in a variety of sizes. This means you can also use this gauge for small screws, making it very versatile.


Reversible thread plug gauges reverses the GO and NOGO ends. This helps this gauge last much longer. This is because when one end becomes worn out, it is simply placed inside the handle of the thread plug gauge and a new end comes out.


With this type, the GO end is longer when compared to the NOGO end. This thread plug gauge uses chip grooves to make it easier to clear obstructions. You can find taperlock thread plug gauges in a variety of sizes.

No matter what type of thread plug gauge you purchase it will come with product documentation. You should read this information as it can provide you with a lot of help. Ask all employees to also read this documentation. This will help anyone using these gauges to use them correctly.

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