Tips For Buying A Commercial Paint Sprayer

If you need to tackle a large painting job such as a warehouse or industrial building, then you'll need the proper equipment to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. A commercial paint sprayer is one solution since these allow you to cover large areas of space in a shorter amount of time while maintaining quality work. Here are some features to look for when choosing a paint sprayer for large jobs.

Buy One That Allows Indoor And Outdoor Use

A paint sprayer is more versatile when it can be used indoors and outdoors. Some commercial models have the ability to switch to a gas-powered motor for outdoor use and switch back to an electric motor for indoor use. Look for a model that makes this switch easy so you don't need special tools and skills just to make the change. Having a sprayer, you can use inside and outside makes the unit more useful as it eliminates the need for two sprayers.

Look For A Quick Reel And Long Hose Length

Another feature to look for is the hose and reel operation. Ideally, you can park the sprayer cart in a central location and pull a hose to the desired length for painting. This eliminates the need to stop frequently to reposition the cart and perhaps hunt down a new electrical outlet. Consider the length of the hose for your sprayer and if additional hose lengths can be added. Also, look at the way the hose is stored to avoid tangling and damage. The hose should wrap around the cart or a reel. A nice feature is a quick reel that automatically pulls in the cord, so you don't have to wrap it around the reel manually.

Consider An Airless Spraying Model

Some paint sprayers create the paint spray using compressed air, but when you're handling large jobs, an airless sprayer could be a better choice. The paint is forced out of the sprayer with pressure so that droplets of paint hit the surface and spread out. This provides even coverage and gives professional-quality results. Choose a sprayer that lets you adjust the spray and size of droplets, and you can use the equipment to paint a variety of surfaces using different types of paint.

Buy A Sprayer That's Easy To Keep Clean

Cleaning your sprayer is important to keep it functioning well. Consider a feature such as a reversible tip that makes it easy to clean clogs. The ability to flush the sprayer by hooking it up to a water hose is another way to make maintenance easy. While you want a sprayer that is portable so you can use it anywhere, buying one that is mounted to a cart helps protect it and keep it clean. Plus, when the cart is on wheels, you can push it through all types of terrain.

Commercial paint sprayers come with different designs and features, so you should compare them all to find a model that is suited for the type of painting you intend to use it for. Just buy the best equipment you can afford when quality results are important, and you want a sprayer that is easy to operate and maintain.

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