Use Flammable Liquids At Your Place Of Business? 4 Ways To Keep Your Employees Safe

If your employees work with flammable liquids, you need to ensure that proper safety measures are utilized each and every day. One mistake can lead to devastating accidents and injuries. The first thing you need to do is provide monthly training sessions about fire safety procedures. Next, schedule monthly fire and evacuation drills. Finally, implement the safety tips provided below.

Insist on Flame-Resistant Clothing

If flammable liquids are used on a regular basis at your job site, you need to insist that your employees wear flame-resistant clothing. It's not enough to practice proper workplace safety; your employees need to wear clothing that will protect them from open flames and heat-related injuries. Providing your employees with flame-resistant jumpsuits that they wear while at work will ensure that each person is fully protected, and reduce your liability for injuries.

Install a Fire Extinguisher at Each Station

If your employees are working with flammable liquids, there should be at least one fire extinguisher at each work station. Individual fire extinguishers will allow your employees to react quickly to open flames. For best results, be sure the fire extinguishers are for multi-purpose uses. That way, they don't need to look for the right type of extinguisher for each fire they encounter. Multi-purpose extinguishers work on all types of fires. Once you have the fire extinguishers in place, be sure to train your employees on their proper use.

Keep Work Areas Clean

If fires are a real concern at your workplace, you need to ensure that all work stations are kept clean. Cluttered work stations increase the risk of fires. Additional clutter also makes it difficult to escape during a fire. Not only that, but cluttered work stations increase the risk of slip and fall accidents, which can lead to increased fire risk, especially if your employee falls while carrying flammable liquids and comes in contact with a heat source. Protect your employees by enforcing clean work station rules.

Repair Electrical Problems Right Away

If your employees work with flammable liquids, you need to take electrical problems very seriously. One small electrical problem can ignite your entire shop if the sparks come in contact with the flammable liquids. You can reduce your risk of shop fires by repairing electrical problems right away. Be sure to inspect your electrical cords and outlets on a monthly basis. The monthly inspections will ensure that you catch minor electrical problems before they have a chance to start a fire in your shop.

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