A Few Things You Should Know About Commercial Vacuums For Home Use

For some time now, homeowners have been buying up vacuums that would normally have been used for commercial purposes alone. What spurs them to purchase a vacuum that typically would be used to clean hotel rooms? Are you interested in purchasing such a vacuum? There are definitely some benefits to owning and using such a vacuum. There are some drawbacks too. Before you buy a commercial vacuum for residential use, there are a few things you should know first. 

​Commercial Vacuums Do a Good Job, but They Are Designed to Clean Short Berber

​Yes, commercial vacuums are designed to do a great job, but you also have to remember that they are designed to vacuum very short pile carpet, like berber. When your carpeting is that flat, it is very easy for these vacuums to suck everything up off of the floor. If you have low-pile or no-pile carpet, or you want to vacuum bare floors, then a commercial vacuum is great for those kinds of flooring surfaces. Some of them come with accessories and extra parts, like the Windsor Versamatic vacuum, which may help you vacuum medium- to high-pile carpet if you have that kind of carpet and those extra parts/accessories. 

​Not All Commercial Vacuums Come with Accessories

Commercial vacuums sold for residential purposes are intentionally made with plenty of extra accessories. Sometimes the accessories are part of the sale price of the vacuum. Sometimes you have to buy the accessories in packs, or buy them a la carte according to the accessories you most feel you will use and need. As such, you should be prepared for any additional cost if the accessories are sold separately.

​Commercial Vacuums Are Patented Based on Design, So Parts for Repairs Have to Come from the Company

​If your commercial vacuum for residential use ever needs repair, you would need to call the company that manufacturers it. They will send you parts, and refer you to a vacuum repair shop that can repair their vacuums. If there are no shops that can repair your vacuum in your area, the company may just request that you send the vacuum to them to complete the repairs. If that is the case, the manufacturer will typically pay for the shipping and then send the vacuum back to you. Tracking numbers and updates on the repairs may be provided by the manufacturers of some vacuums, but not all of them will do this. 

For more information, contact a company like Windsor Vacuum Parts.

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