Repurposing Pallets

The constant shipment of goods to your warehouse may have resulted in you having many pallets stacked up in the corner of your commercial building. Instead of leaving the materials in their current location, use some recycling efforts that will lengthen the life of the materials.

Use Some Of The Pallets

If shelf space is running low or if there are many elevated storage areas that require a ladder to reach, setting up an alternate storage option is one way to get use out of some of the pallets. Products that are ordered in bulk or that are shipped out on a regular basis can be placed in a convenient area that is near where your packing and shipping crew are stationed.

Clean the pallets that you have on hand by taking them outdoors and spraying them with a hose and scrubbing them with a soapy sponge. After rinsing off the pallets, wait for them to dry. Carry the materials indoors and line them up along the floor. Use labels to identify what will be stacked on each one. 

Make Projects With Some Of The Wood

The wood that is used to construct pallets can be useful when making handmade crafts or household items. Remove the wooden planks from each pallet. Use some to make some hand-painted signs, planter stakes, or other projects that require long strips of wood. The wood from pallets can also be used to make basic repairs around your property and will cover gaps that are present in a porch, a wood furnishing, or another item that is constructed of a similar wood variety.

If you know anyone who is crafty and who tends to purchase raw wood materials from a supplier, offer some of the pallets to them so that they can maintain the production of their wares without investing money in new materials.

Take Extra Pallets To A Recycling Center

Some recycling centers accept wood materials and have been known to recycle pallets on a regular basis. To make sure that the extra pallets wind up somewhere that will aid in repurposing the materials, call around to the recycling facilities that are located near your business to find one that offers pallet recycling services.

You may need to transport the pallets yourself; a flatbed or a pickup truck will provide plenty of room for you to stack the pallets prior to transporting the materials. Some private or public businesses may offer a transport service, which will include picking up the pallets from your place of business, loading them into a vehicle, and driving them to the facility where they will be repurposed.

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