Key Features To Focus On When Getting A Pallet Rack For Product Storage

Pallet racks are often used in warehouses because they can support a lot of pallets at a time and give them added organization. If you store a lot of products for your business, these rack solutions would be a great investment. You'll just need to consider a couple of features when finding your own for efficient and safe storage practices. 

Locking Bolt Design

You'll be able to make adjustments to the pallet rack depending on what you're storing on it. You just want to make sure you get a racking solution with a locking bolt design because it will give you added stability after making the appropriate adjustments in width and height.

You can easily slide these bolts into position and hear them lock in place, confirming that you have a secure pallet rack to store pallets with products on. The bolts will remain secure until you decide to make additional adjustments to the racking solution.

Thick Steel Frames

If you want to make sure this pallet rack is able to hold up and still support a lot of pallets with goods, then it's imperative to make sure the framing is durable. You'll feel at ease about this spec if you go after a thick steel variety. 

The added thickness will prevent the frame from warping or collapsing in, even if the pallet rack is holding a lot of weight. You should have different steel thickness levels to choose from for the frames of this racking solution. You just need to look at gauge dimensions carefully to verify steel thickness is where it needs to be. 

Durable Wire Decking

If you want to ensure pallets have all the support they need while on a pallet rack solution, then you might focus on a variety with wire decking. After the rack is fully assembled, you'll place this wire decking on each level and thus give pallets a solid surface to remain on until you remove them from said solution. 

Wire decking is often made from a durable steel material just like what you want with the frames. As long as you comply with its weight tolerances, this portion of your racking solution will hold up just fine.

If you want to store pallets in a safe, efficient manner around a warehouse environment, you'll need a pallet rack solution. Just make sure it comes with useful features that let you maximize this material-handling resource for years.  

If you'd like to buy pallet racks, contact a local company. 

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