What Are The Benefits Of Using Hydrogen Generators?

While generators that use traditional fuels, such as gas and diesel, work well in many industrial environments, you can also use generators that run on hydrogen gas. While these generators might not be as commonly used as other products, they do have some useful advantages. What are they?

Reduced Fuel Costs

If you use gas or diesel to power a generator, then you have to buy fuel regularly. Your generator can't run without a constant supply of fuel.

So, part of your operating costs will include the costs of gas or diesel. These costs are always unpredictable. Global factors and problems can boost prices unexpectedly at any time. Increases in demand during times of supply shortages also increase your costs.

If you install a hydrogen generator, then your costs will be reduced. You produce the gas you need for the generator to work. Typically, all you need is a suitable water source from which your system can create its own gas.

So, your fuel costs will be lower and more constant. If your primary source of fuel is water, then you won't have to deal with market spikes and supply problems.

Constant Operating Capabilities

Generators that run on regular fuels need constant feeding. You have to ensure that you have enough fuel on-site at any given time in case your generator runs low.

Sometimes, mistakes happen. You might forget to order gas or diesel at the right times. Your supplier might have an unforeseen delay, and your shipment might not arrive on time.

Your generator might be out of action until you can get more fuel for it. Any downtime here affects the way your business operates. You'll lose money if you can't complete orders or operate your systems.

Plus, you might have small pockets of downtime whenever your generator needs to be refilled. While these periods might be short, they do add up if you have to refuel frequently.

If you install a hydrogen generator, then you aren't dependent on external fuel supplies. You create your own gas, and your generator can run constantly. As long as you have a suitable water supply, your generator will run itself.

So, you won't have long downtime periods when you have to wait for fuel to arrive on your site. You won't have to shut your generator down to refuel it.

To find out more, contact an industrial generator manufacturer or supplier such as Scott's Emergency Lighting & Power Generation Inc and ask about their hydrogen product ranges. 

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