Time To Plan The Company Picnic: 4 Tips To Ensure A Rousing Success

Summer is officially here. Time to start planning the company picnics. If your last picnic was a bust, don't worry. There's still plenty of time to make up for it this year. Company picnics don't have to be big productions to be successful. However, they do need to be well-planned. Here are four simple steps you can take to make sure your next company picnic is a rousing success.

Make Sure There Are Enough BBQ Grills

If you're going to be offering grilled food for your picnic, make sure there are enough BBQ grills on hand. The last thing you want is for your employees, and their families, to wait in endless lines while the lone grill chugs along trying to accommodate all the appetites. Having several BBQ grills going at the same time will ensure that there's enough food to go around, and that the platters never go empty.

Encourage Food Contributions

Company picnics are a great way for employees, and employers, to gather together for a day of fun and socialization. They're also a great way to sample new foods. One way to make sure that there are plenty of tasty, and unique dishes, is to encourage food contributions to the picnic – especially ethnic, or family favorites. To make things even funner, encourage people to bring copies of the recipes for their contributions. This will allow everyone the opportunity to try their favorite new dishes out at home.

Bring on the Beer Garden

When adults get together, they like to enjoy some adult time. A beer garden is the perfect setting for adult conversation and relaxation. While you're setting up the festivities, be sure to designate an area for the beer garden. This will ensure that the adults in the group have a place to gather that's away from the kids, but still close enough to intervene when necessary.

Provide for Family Fun

Company picnics are also a great place for families to enjoy time together. In addition to the food, and beer garden, make sure you plan lots of family-centered fun and activities. Perhaps a game of baseball,or frisbee competitions to bring the families together. If there are going to be young children present, you could also include activities such as three-legged races, or water balloon tosses.

If you want to avoid the stresses of planning everything yourself, try a place like Hephaestus BBQ to take care of everything and leave you free to enjoy yourself.

Now that it's time to plan the next company picnic, make sure it's a fun-filled extravaganza, that will be remembered for years to come.

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