Helpful Information About A Grease Trap

Running a restaurant that involves a large amount of greasy foods being cooked can lead to plumbing problems on a regular basis. You can end up with problems from all of the plumbing fixtures in your restaurant if grease accumulates in the pipes in large amounts, as the plumbing system can become backed up. A backed up plumbing system can cause waste to flow back into your building and overflow out of drains. The waste can then end up all over your restaurant, which could be frustrating to clean up. In this article, you will learn some important information in regards to controlling how much grease makes it through the plumbing system in your restaurant.

Purchase a Grease Trap for Your Restaurant

The first thing that you should do to control the amount of grease that makes it through the plumbing system is to invest in a grease trap. The trap will basically capture grease before it flows through the pipes into the main sewer line to your restaurant. The traps are available in numerous gallon capacities, so make sure that you choose yours wisely. If a lot of greasy foods are prepared in your restaurant, choose a trap that is of a high gallon capacity. Hire a professional to install the trap after it has been purchased, such as a plumber being that installation involves dealing with the plumbing pipes.

Make Sure the Grease Trap is Occasionally Cleaned

Once your restaurant is equipped with a grease trap, it is important for you to make sure that it is properly taken care of. The trap will have to be cleaned out every now and then because grease will continuously accumulate inside of it. The trap will likely need to be cleaned less often if there aren't a lot of greasy foods cooked in your restaurant. However, you should also keep in mind that a grease trap can lead to a foul odor lingering around your building if it isn't regularly cleaned out. Simply hire a professional to thoroughly clean the trap out on your behalf each time that it is needed.

Inform Your Employees to Not Put Grease Down Drains

Even if you invest in a grease trap, the best way to keep grease from accumulating in the plumbing system is to not pour it down drains. Make a strict rule about keeping grease out of the drains that your employees must abide by. If any of your employees fail to follow the rules, the grease trap will be useful for preventing untimely plumbing system problems.

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