Investing In The Right Drill Pipe Equipment

In order to access valuable water and oil located beneath the Earth's surface, wells must be drilled. The drilling of these wells can present unique challenges that require specialized equipment. Since each well is unique, it can be beneficial to invest in rental equipment rather than purchase drill pipe equipment. Renting ensures that you will be able to access the right equipment for your well drilling project.

Here are three tips that you can use when renting drill pipe equipment in the future:

1. Carefully consider the drill pipe material.

When it comes to the successful utilization of drill pipe to construct a well, you need to consider the materials used to construct the drill pipe that you are renting. You want drill pipe that will be both durable and slightly flexible to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce the number of problems you encounter when drilling a well.

Drill pipe that is made from an aluminum alloy will have a high strength-to-weight ratio. This allows the drill pipe to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure while still being lightweight and easy to use. Look for aluminum alloy drill pipe when renting your well construction equipment in the future.

2. Check to ensure the drill pipe joints meet your needs.

One of the areas in which a drill pipe can be particularly weak is the joints. When one section of drill pipe joins with another, a joint is formed. If you are working to drill a well that has a lot of torque or drag loads, then you will need to invest in the rental of drill pipe equipment that can withstand these added pressures.

Look for equipment that features high-torque or double-shoulder joints to ensure that your rented drill pipe equipment is able to meet your drilling demands in the future.

3. Consider the risk factors associated with your well.

Before you invest in rented drill pipe equipment, it's important that you take the time to identify the unique risk factors associated with drilling your well.

If you will be working with fracturing drill strings, high-pressure landing drill strings, or drill strings in a gas-laden environment, then the specialized equipment will be required to minimize the risks associated with these conditions. Non-standard drill pipes could prove beneficial when it comes to drilling in a high-risk environment.

Being able to invest in the right drill pipe equipment allows you to rent the drill pipe needed to successfully complete your wells in the future. Contact a company like Quail Tools for more information and assistance. 

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