What You Need To Do To Keep Your Air Compressor Working For You

Over time, your compressor will start to lose its effectiveness. This isn't always a sign you need a new compressor. Sometimes performance degradation means you haven't spent any time maintaining your compressor.

You Don't Need to Know All the Parts of a Compressor

Compressors consist of a number of components working together. A problem with one of them can lead to issues with the entire compressor. However, you can't always tell which part is the one giving you the problem. You should leave diagnosis of serious compressor issues up to compressor repair professionals.

You Do Need to Know Which Parts You Can Maintain

Some parts of your compressor do require you take a look at them and actively maintain them. You should always consult your compressor's manual before attempting to do anything. Each type and model can require a particular approach. If you don't have the manual, look on the manufacturer's website.

If you want to keep your compressor running smoothly and efficiently, check the following:

Air filters – You should check and swap the air filters regularly. If too much debris builds up on the air filters, your compressor will start to struggle. Swap them out frequently if you use your compressor constantly.

If you're an infrequent user, then consider swapping the filters every six months, or every 1000 hours of compressor use. If you're unsure, consult the operator's manual.

Oil and oil filter – If your compressor uses oil, make sure you keep adequate amounts of it in the system. You should change your oil and the oil filter every 1000 hours of compressor use.

Lubricants – If you use other lubricants, check that you have adequate levels. How often you should change the lubricant will depend on the type you use and what the manufacturer says. Generally, changing lubricant will become necessary before you hit 8000 hours of compressor use.

Separator element – Much like oil filters, a separator keeps your compressor from using too much lubricant while keeping out foreign particulates. All separator elements will require swapping just like any other filter.

Keep your compressor clean and free of any debris you find. Always look out for signs of damage to any part or component of your compressor.

You Do Need to Purchase Compressor Parts from a Reputable Seller

Whether you need to replace an important part, or just want filters, you need a reputable source. The wrong part can do more harm than good for your compressor. Even the filters must fit the unique specifications of your compressor exactly. If you're not sure about what you need, then it will help to speak to professionals who know sulair compressor parts inside and out.

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