Caring For Positive Displacement Blowers

Positive displacement (PD) blowers, sometimes called rotary air blowers, can be essential for pushing fluids throughout pipes and other lines in many industrial facilities. They are high-powered machines, so caring for them and using them properly is wise if you want them to last. Whether you've got URAI 59 blowers on-site or other models, you'll need to consider these blower maintenance suggestions.

Read the Manuals

If you're trying out a new blower brand, don't assume there's no reason to check out the manufacturer's manual. The blower could have different requirements than you're used to. For instance, if you've been using synthetic oils, you may learn that your new blower recommends against certain oils and recommends others to discourage seal leakage or sludge residue.

Regular operation tips are usually outlined in the manual as well so that you can brush up on things you may already know but have forgotten. You may have planned to monitor the blower for performance, but the manual may suggest specific intervals for component checkups.

Listen for Vibration Changes

As you run the blower, vibration is normal and should be regular as you use the machine. Changes in vibration usually indicate that something needs to be checked. The situation could be caused by loose bolts, or it could mean the bearings are worn down and need to be replaced before more serious problems happen. Don't assume that the blower is vibrating more or sounding louder for no reason; always investigate.

Run at Maximum Speed

You may want to run the blower at low speeds for smaller pipes or to move fluids more slowly. However, beware that low speeds can often cause the temperature to rise; excessive high temperatures can be detrimental to the motor and other blower components. If there is too much power, consider switching to a blower with less capacity and power.

Monitor Employee Use

People who work with blowers often get into a routine and might be making minor mistakes which need to be fixed if your blowers are to last. Ask managers to monitor employee blower use and to make suggestions that will be better for the equipment and the worker. If multiple errors are made throughout the workforce, consider training sessions specific to each blower being used.

Positive displacement blowers will last if you're careful with them and encourage workers to treat them properly. The related tips here will enable a long life for your equipment whether you use URAI 59 blowers or similar types. Check out a company like for more information.

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