Are You Planning Father's Day For Your Do-It-Yourself Husband?

While other wives might bemoan the fact that their husband spends too much time on the golf course, or doing things like biking, hunting or fishing, you are probably counting yourself very lucky that your husband's extracurricular activities take place right at your home. Your husband may simply love to work on projects, say do-it-yourself woodworking projects.

Among those projects might be making furniture for your home or even smaller building projects like creating the design and construction of decorative birdhouses, doll furniture, and other wooden toys for your children or grandchildren. If you are planning a special Father's Day for your do-it-yourself husband, from planning a special event to buying an air compressor, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable and fun day for your man.

The Activity - Since Father's Day falls on a Sunday, you and your family may be attending church services. If that's the case, consider celebrating a Father's Day event another day, possibly the Saturday before or the Saturday after Father's Day. If you do that, think about finding something like a home and garden event that is happening in your area. 

Find one that has things like woodworking demonstrations as part of the event. Another idea is to sign your husband up for a special class where he will leave with an actual plan for a project he has never done before. For example, he might create an intricate wooden puzzle that can be used as a decoration in your house and to fascinate others who try to work it.

The Gift - Since your husband has been doing woodwork and other projects in the past, it is more than likely that he already owns most of the tools he needs. Does he own an air compressor? If not, then he is probably having to clean up after he works on projects with things like a broom or a dust cloth. That will no longer be true if you buy him an air compressor. 

After that, he can clean up things like dirt and sawdust very easily. Along with the air compressor, consider buying him an accessory kit that includes the things he'll need to use the compressor. For example, buy a kit that includes things like a blow gun, air plugs, couplers, and inflation needles. Add great safety goggles to the gift, and he'll be all set for his next project.

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