Want Waterproof Ceiling Tiles Without The Industrial Look? Here's How!

The problem with a lot of trayed ceiling tiles is that they look styrofoam-y. They remind you of the ceilings you had in high school classrooms, the ones you used to throw pencils into like darts and then watch as the pencils stuck and dangled down. While these tiles are still available, you no longer have to use them. Instead, you can use waterproof ceiling tiles that look very different and give your business or your finished basement a more refined look. Here are some of the newer ceiling tiles that not only resist moisture, mold, and mildew, but also look nothing like the ceiling tiles you remember. 

Glossy Wood Planks

How is that for retexturing? Ceiling tile companies have come a long way with designing and creating textures that are more aesthetically pleasing. In this example, the tiles are longer and a little narrower, and they look a lot like high-gloss painted wood planks. If you were to flip them over, they are made of essentially the same materials that ceiling tiles have always been made of, which makes them even more extraordinary to view from the "plank" side. Their glossiness also contributes to more enhanced light in a room as the light will bounce off the shiny surface of these tiles. White is the most common option, but some companies have found a way to produce tiles that look a lot like natural oak or maple "planks," a bonus if you want something other than white. 

Molded Facades

You have seen trayed ceilings that are actually constructed of multiple lowered wood beams and a recessed ceiling above. Those kinds of ceilings are quite impressive, but they are also quite expensive to construct. You can get a faux look with some newer ceiling tiles that have molded facades.

The molded facades create an optical illusion that you went all out and hired a construction contractor to create a carved wooden ceiling in your space. While it is more commonly used in bedrooms, living rooms, and residential spaces, this look is replacing some commercial ceiling options as well. Part of the reason for this shift is that you can buy this type of ceiling tile in black, dark walnut/mahogany color, and honey-colored "oak" color, all of which look very nice in office interiors and professional work spaces. Check out some of the online examples through a manufacturer's website to see options.

For more information on waterproof ceiling tiles, contact suppliers in your area.

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