Useful Tips To Remember When Using Hydraulic Seals

Seals are very important parts used in hydraulic systems where pressure ratings need to be maintained or liquids kept from leaking. If you want to be successful in using these seals with your hydraulic equipment, remember certain things.

Lubrication Is Pivotal

If you want the seal working out for a long time with your hydraulic equipment, then you should apply lubricant before inserting it into the desired location. Lubrication helps cut down on friction and that's key in preventing structural issues for a long time. 

Be mindful enough to use the appropriate lubricant based on the hydraulic seals you've selected. You wouldn't want to be careless and get the wrong type of lubricant because then that spells trouble in how it works for your hydraulic seals. For example, the wrong lubricant can end up doing more harm than good.

There Are Different Types 

There are a couple of seal types for hydraulic equipment, including rod seals, piston seals, and wiper seals. Knowing how each one works is key in choosing compatible seals from the very start.

Wiper seals help keep contaminants from entering a hydraulic cylinder's assembly, while rod seals work best as a pressure barrier. Piston seals prevent fluid from getting past the piston.

Take your time studying each one and then it will be a lot easier to make a good selection based on the hydraulic systems in discussion. 

Cleaning Aids Installation 

So that the seal you've selected for your hydraulic equipment ends up working out great, you really need to clean the seal all over. The smallest contaminants like dirt and debris could actually affect seal installation and subsequently, affect how the seal works from here on out.

That's why before you go to set up the seal or seals on hydraulic equipment, clean them using a cloth. It will help you remove any sort of residues on the seal that could impact both performance and installation.

If your seals are already clean, then you can proceed to installation without having to second-guess how the results will turn out.

Seals can do a lot of things for hydraulic systems, whether it's keeping liquids in certain areas or helping maintain a pressure range. Whatever your plans are for these special seals, knowing how to work with them in the beginning helps you use them to their full potential and then hydraulic performance will really be impacted in a positive way. 

For more information, contact a local hydraulic seal supplier.

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