Advice For Selecting A Quality Oil Seal For Rotary Shafts

If you have a system that utilizes a rotary shaft, there may be gaps where oil and other contaminants can get through. That would affect performance and lead to part breakdowns frequently, so it's important to equip an oil seal on this shaft to keep these substances from having any effect. If you look over this guide, you'll be capable of selecting one wisely. 

Go With Synthetic Rubber

You can choose a lot of materials for rotary shaft oils seals, but one that might take precedence over the many others is synthetic rubber. Since it does have a synthetic design, it comes with a lot of strategic advantages that other rubber types simply can't offer.

For example, synthetic rubber can be made to withstand any outdoor conditions. That gives you more environments where your rotary shaft oils seals can be used in. Or synthetic rubber oil seals can be made to support fast-moving rotary shafts that experience a lot of friction. Despite the constant motion, synthetic rubber won't be prone to breaking down.

Carefully Review Pressure Range 

If you want your oil seal to provide optimal performance and not face structural problems that often, then you should carefully assess its pressure range. Seals that can't withstand the pressure range that they're exposed to will not last. 

Look at how these oil seals are going to be used and the characteristics of the rotary shafts they're going around. Then you shouldn't struggle with figuring out how much pressure your oil seals need to withstand without suffering problems.

Make a List of Relevant Contaminants

The main benefit of setting up oil seals on rotary shafts for a system is to keep contaminants from affecting other components. If you go with an oil seal that can support the contaminants that your system will expose the seal to, then you won't have to worry about your selection not working out.

For instance, if you know for certain oil, water, and chemicals could potentially affect the rotary shaft and surrounding components, then you need seals that are rated to hold up against these particular contaminants and still provide effective sealing capabilities.

Oil seals can help rotary shafts perform much better for a particular system, especially if you do everything you can to go with the right oil seals from the beginning. Researching metrics and careful planning will allow you to make a competent selection that gives you all the assurance you need with sealing capabilities. Contact an oil seal provider to learn more.

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